Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Bath Bomb Display Ideas Inspiration and Fun!

After launching our new bath bombs last week we began the hunt for the greatest displays! 

Next week we head to The Spa and Wellness show, IECSC in New York to set up our colorful booth and take some iPhone pics of our sweet new soaks. In the meantime, I wanted to share the most clever merchandising ideas we found online and around town. 

These adorable baskets are a great, simple choice for a fresh handpicked look! Available at, they have an assortment of options between $6.50 - 59.99 that are too sweet a deal to pass up! To see the display pieces pictured below follow this link
We picked this stand for our trade shows from World Market. Love the eye grabbing height and the fact that they hold approximately 24 pieces per basket. We also love anything white to draw attention to all the fun bursts of color. This cutie is currently on sale for $29.99.

Target has the sweetest over sized apothecary jars with lids. They are thick glass and come in two different sizes. Small $7.99 1 Gallon and Large 2 Gallon.for $13.99. The small jar holds approximately 12 pieces.

Here's an example of what this display looks like. 
Forgive me for not showing bath bombs!

With every purchase of our bath bombs you receive scent cards for display, point of sale (glassine cookie) bags for customers to put their bombs in and scent stickers for maximum eye catching cuteness.

We hope this helps rub some inspiration off on you too! 
We have more display options available in our retailer Dropbox folder including over 20 display options from many different stores, display examples from current Feeling Smitten retailers and printable marketing materials. 
Email us if you'd like the link or need inspiration in another format like a PDF:

We're excited to share our info and our handmade line with you! Thanks for your continued support and for proudly displaying Feeling Smitten products in your stores!

Courtney aka The Cupcake Commander
P.S. Retailers - Haven't tried our new line of bath bombs? Just send us a message and request FREE SAMPLES! We love these babies so much and we know you will too!

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